PIPS European chemical industry insights

Other features

PIPS has many features that can help you in researching the European chemical industry.

Saved searches & Search alerts

You can save a set of filters as a saved search. If you wish, you can choose to receive daily, weekly or montly e-mail alerts when there are new results. This works for every primary type of records in PIPS that you have in your subscription. So with PIPS Complete you can use this feature for news, projects, plants, companies, parks and substances.

Saving a project search
Saving a project search
Loading a previously saved project search
Loading a previously saved project search

Quick search

The filters on the index pages for each type of content return results in milliseconds. The facets make drilling down your search results easy and fast.

PIPS also has a global search function, that does an indexed text search through all the different types of content simultaneously. This is very convenient for quickly going to a certain page, or getting a first impression of the coverage of the topic you are interested in.

For more structured and detailed searches, the filter system on the index pages of all content types is the best option. It uses all metadata available in PIPS to return the right results.

Cross references

All data is linked together through references from one record to another. For instance, a project links to all its participants, the substances involved, and so on. This makes it easy to quickly lookup related information or start a new search.